Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Earring Shapes : What They Do for Us

Jeans, blue / green tunic, grey sweater, brown boots, silver belt.

I was recently asked what earring go with which face shape.  And just like the skirts post, it really depends on what your trying to achieve.  So here is a list of earring shapes and what they will do for you.

All earrings are by Premier Designs.

Hoop (circle) - will add width and roundness to your face.

Drop - will add length to your face.

Button (small round studs) - will widen your face.

Fan - will add width to your jawline.

Fringe - will add length to your face.

Tear Drop - will add width to your jawline.

One final note: If you want to highlight you face shape, wear an earring that mimics your face (ex. diamond face - diamond shape earrings, square face - square shape earrings).  If you want to downplay your face shape, wear an earring opposite your face ( heart shape face - tear drop earrings, round face - drop earrings).

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<3, Mandy

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