Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Where Can You Get My Bling?

I know y'all are wondering where you can get my fabulous bling.  So here it is!!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!

And to get you ready, here are some pieces you've seen on my blog:


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Analogousness : Feeling Young

Hi all!  Today my outfit is inspired by the color wheel and is analogous, which basically means three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  For more info on the color wheel check out this video.  The three colors that I chose are blue (cardi/wrap), teal (tights), and emerald green (cami).  I used grey and silver as my neutrals.

By belting the cardigan / wrap we're creating a faux peplum look.  The leggings are something new for me.  Still adjusting and experimenting.  

Even my diaper bag matches today!

With the leggings and boots I feel like an elf!  (The Santa's little helper kind, not the Lord of the Rings kind.)

It makes me feel youthful.

LOVE this necklace!  So earthy and feminine.

Happy Autumn, everyone!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Long Time No See : New Closet Sanctuary

Has it really been over a month since our last post?!  Ah well, it was summer.  Here's one of the many projects I was working on:  MY CLOSET SANCTUARY!!!!

Well, actually it's my "getting ready corner."  I painted my walls a pale pink and the trim white.

My scarves are clothes pinned onto yarn.  Isn't it cute?  Thank you Pinterest :)
Everybody needs a chair for putting on shoes.  I might get a cute stool at some point, but for now the chair works.

New silver paint for the trim of my full-length mirror.  And an accessories organizer for my belts.

AND my new PURPLE shag rug from Big Lots!  So soft, my daughter just loves to lay down on it, and those who know her know that that's a big deal!  :)  (PS see my shoe shelf here)

Also: Outfit of the day!!  You deserve it after waiting for so long!

New necklace!!  Isn't she pretty?

Nothing like a little fringe / ostrich feather combo :)

Happy September, ladies!