Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skirt Styles : What They Do for Us

Jeans, chambray shirt, grey sweater, wedge shoes.

I've recently been helping a friend find the holes in her wardrobe (figure out what she needs), and it led us to skirts.  She'd really like to rock a skirt, but isn't sure what style would be best.  We've all been there, right?  So let's talk about skirt styles and what they will do for your body.

I'm not going to label which body types go with which skirt, because it truly depends on what you want the skirt to do for you.  For example:  You've got a pear shape, meaning you're bottom heavy.   Most fashion sites will tell you to wear a skirt that de-emphasizes your hips, such as Straight or A-Line.  But what if you like your hips?  What if that's something you want to show off?  Then maybe you want to choose a Pencil or Fit and Flare skirt.  Make sense?  So here we go.


Pencil - Classic, typically high waisted and to the knee, slightly tapered.  Wear this skirt if you want to emphasize your hips without adding volume.

Bandage - Similar to pencil, but shorter, tighter, and with more stretch.  Wear this skirt if you want to emphasize your hips, butt, and legs.

Straight - As the name implies, this skirt goes straight down from the hip.  Wear this skirt if you want to de-emphasize your hips.  It's a great alternative to the pencil skirt.

A-Line - Made in the shape of an A, it is often considered the most universally flattering.  Wear this skirt if you want to de-emphasize your hips.

Flare - Slightly more volume than the A-Line.  Wear this skirt if you want to add curves to your lower half.

Circle - Forms a circle when laid flat.  Wear this to add volume to your lower half.

Full - Typically gathered or pleated at the waist.  Wear this to add volume to your lower half giving your more of a hip.

Had to get my nerdliness in with a Star Trek skirt.

Fit and Flare - Fitted through the hip, flaring out at the bottom.  It has a similar look to the A-Line, but will emphasize the hips.


Mini - Well above the knee.  Probably best left to the younger crowd and for parties, and use caution as it will cut your leg off at the widest point.  But it can also be a good option for shorter women in order to elongate the legs, making them look taller.

Knee - To the top, middle, or just below the knee.  Often the most universally flattering because it cuts your leg at the narrowest part.

Midi - Traditionally known as a "Tea Length," this skirt falls half way between the knee and ankle.  It's a very difficult length to pull off as it cuts the leg at the second widest part and can make you look shorter than you are.  But it will be GREAT for you if you have super skinny legs that you want to add some shape to.

Maxi - Falls between the ankle and floor.  Be careful as these can quickly add volume to the lower half if you don't get a slim design.  So if you're top heavy or "banana" shaped, the volume will help create curves.

There ya go, loves!  Did I miss anything?  Let me know what you think and if these tips help you!

<3, Mandy

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Utilize All the Clothes in Your Wardrobe


Maxi skirt, tee, faux leather jacket, ankle boots, and belt.

Did you know the average woman only uses about 25% of her wardrobe?  Eek, that's a lot of wasted money and a lot of wasted space!  So today I'm going to share with you how I make sure I'm using my WHOLE closet.

TIP 1:  As you know, I hang up all my clothes, because what I don't see, I don't wear.  So make sure things are visible.

TIP 2:  Another great way to utilize your clothes is to FIRST hang up your clothes the right way with the hangers facing toward the back.

Then as you wear them hang the back up the wrong way, hangers facing forward.  This makes it difficult to pull them back out.  Because if they're harder to pull out, you'll be more likely to remember not to wear what you've already worn.

It's gonna be so FUN to come up with different outfits and combinations that you weren't expecting!  Please post pics either here or on Facebook of outfits you came up with and weren't expecting.  :)

How do you make sure you're using your whole wardrobe?  I'd love to hear your creative ideas!

'Til next time, loves.

<3, Mandy



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6 Spring Inspirations for Winter Weather


Maxi dress, ankle boots, faux leather jacket.

First Watcha Wearing Wednesday of March!!  I'm SO excited!  Why?  Because (1) it means spring is right around the corner, and (2) it's my birthday month!  Yes, I still love my birthday.  It's a reason to party with all my favorite people!

It's also the beginning of Lent.  I'm giving up the junk food as well as (can't believe I'm saying this!) coffee!  What about you?

But there is a problem with March.  It's "In like a lion, out like a lamb."  So, it's still basically winter at the beginning and kinda almost spring-ish at the end.  So what's a fashion savvy mama (or anyone really) to do?  How do we incorporate springtime themes when it's winter outside?

1. Color - Put down the black, and no one will get hurt.  Instead try pulling out your lighter, brighter neutrals and colors.  Pinks, corals, tans, and even white.  There, don't you feel warmer already?

2. Print - Trade in your houndstooth and camo for tribal prints and florals.

3. Light Layers - I don't know about you all, but where I come from we still need to layer.  But trade out your heavy knits for lighter layers.  Lighter fabrics and completer pieces (cardigans and blazers and such) with 3/4 or elbow length sleeves are GREAT.  You can even wear your lighter long sleeve tops under them if you still need more coverage.

4. Make-Up - Bring out the bronzer, pink and coral lippies, and fresh nail polish.  Our hands may be frozen, but let's fake it 'til we make it to spring!

5. Spring / Summer Clothes - Rethink how you work your wardrobe.  Try a maxi with a leather jacket and ankle boots (like today's OOTD), or a sundress over a dress shirt and leggings.  Get creative mixing and matching.  Love it!

6. Rain, Rain, Rain - Here in the North East, we get a lot of rain in the spring (brings May flowers or something), so be sure to invest in some FUN, COLORFUL rain boots and umbrella.

There ya have it!  How do you transition into spring when it's still cold outside?  I'd love to hear your ideas and see your creative outfits!

<3, Mandy