Wednesday, December 17, 2014

OOTD : 2 Days of Poly's Put to Life

Outfits of the days today ladies!!  Two different looks for two different holiday occasions.  The first is more comfy / casual for a cosy family gathering.  The second is all glommed up for a fashionable work party!!

Here is my OOTD from Sunday.  We had family pictures:

And the realization of that outfit:

Aren't my babies just the most adorable ever?

The sweater dress, leggings, and dress are SO comfy for chasing after the kids, crawling after the kids, and all the other "after the kids" things moms do.

Then on Tuesday, I attended my Premier Designs jewelry Christmas party:

And the realization of that outfit:

My Bling Mom is pretty adorable too!

Sometimes a mom just needs to feel sexy.  The short skirt is great for those times when you AREN'T doing the "after the kids" things.  The lace sleeves give more coverage, since we're showcasing our legs, while still looking sexy.  This dress is FAB-U-LOUS!!  I was so excited to finally find a dress that fit me in all the right places.

Where will the holidays take your wardrobe?  Be inspired and inspire others by sharing your photos and ideas!!

Happy Holidays, loves!!

<3, Mandy

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