Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shoe Addiction? : Peak into a Mama's Closet

22 Pairs of shoes.  That includes all flip flops and slippers.  That's not bad for a woman, right??

Yup, I keep my shoes and handbags on a bookshelf.

The polka dot and black lace ones I don't wear often, but they sure do make me happy to look at!  Like works of art!

How many pairs of shoes do you have?  Do you wear them all??


  1. I have used a bookshelf in the past for bags/shoes too - you're not alone there! You just have to get creative sometimes, and use what works/what you have. I have TOO MANY shoes (probably around 50 pairs). Some of them I wear often, others maybe once a year. I love them all though, they are so pretty - like works of art (as you said about your polka dot pair).

    1. So true! And that's exactly what I said in my most recent post (3 Tips for Dealing with Small Closets). My shoe collection has grown A LOT since this post, and I keep finding ever more creative ways to fit more shoes on my shelves. :) Thanks for commenting!