Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6 Spring Inspirations for Winter Weather


Maxi dress, ankle boots, faux leather jacket.

First Watcha Wearing Wednesday of March!!  I'm SO excited!  Why?  Because (1) it means spring is right around the corner, and (2) it's my birthday month!  Yes, I still love my birthday.  It's a reason to party with all my favorite people!

It's also the beginning of Lent.  I'm giving up the junk food as well as (can't believe I'm saying this!) coffee!  What about you?

But there is a problem with March.  It's "In like a lion, out like a lamb."  So, it's still basically winter at the beginning and kinda almost spring-ish at the end.  So what's a fashion savvy mama (or anyone really) to do?  How do we incorporate springtime themes when it's winter outside?

1. Color - Put down the black, and no one will get hurt.  Instead try pulling out your lighter, brighter neutrals and colors.  Pinks, corals, tans, and even white.  There, don't you feel warmer already?

2. Print - Trade in your houndstooth and camo for tribal prints and florals.

3. Light Layers - I don't know about you all, but where I come from we still need to layer.  But trade out your heavy knits for lighter layers.  Lighter fabrics and completer pieces (cardigans and blazers and such) with 3/4 or elbow length sleeves are GREAT.  You can even wear your lighter long sleeve tops under them if you still need more coverage.

4. Make-Up - Bring out the bronzer, pink and coral lippies, and fresh nail polish.  Our hands may be frozen, but let's fake it 'til we make it to spring!

5. Spring / Summer Clothes - Rethink how you work your wardrobe.  Try a maxi with a leather jacket and ankle boots (like today's OOTD), or a sundress over a dress shirt and leggings.  Get creative mixing and matching.  Love it!

6. Rain, Rain, Rain - Here in the North East, we get a lot of rain in the spring (brings May flowers or something), so be sure to invest in some FUN, COLORFUL rain boots and umbrella.

There ya have it!  How do you transition into spring when it's still cold outside?  I'd love to hear your ideas and see your creative outfits!

<3, Mandy

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