Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to Utilize All the Clothes in Your Wardrobe


Maxi skirt, tee, faux leather jacket, ankle boots, and belt.

Did you know the average woman only uses about 25% of her wardrobe?  Eek, that's a lot of wasted money and a lot of wasted space!  So today I'm going to share with you how I make sure I'm using my WHOLE closet.

TIP 1:  As you know, I hang up all my clothes, because what I don't see, I don't wear.  So make sure things are visible.

TIP 2:  Another great way to utilize your clothes is to FIRST hang up your clothes the right way with the hangers facing toward the back.

Then as you wear them hang the back up the wrong way, hangers facing forward.  This makes it difficult to pull them back out.  Because if they're harder to pull out, you'll be more likely to remember not to wear what you've already worn.

It's gonna be so FUN to come up with different outfits and combinations that you weren't expecting!  Please post pics either here or on Facebook of outfits you came up with and weren't expecting.  :)

How do you make sure you're using your whole wardrobe?  I'd love to hear your creative ideas!

'Til next time, loves.

<3, Mandy



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