Saturday, September 20, 2014

Left Shoe, Left Shoe, Left Shoe, Right

What color shoes to wear with your outfit.

Do you have trouble figuring what color shoes to wear with your outfit?  For some ladies this comes naturally.  For others, we need fashion rules.  Here are some tips.  Just remember once you understand the concepts, feel free to break the rules.  "They're more like guidelines anyway."

Match your hair or skin.
Let's say you've just got this blue dress.  How do you decide what shoes to wear?  Try matching it to either your skin or your hair.  Obviously, I've paired this dress with pumps, but the principles apply whatever style shoe you're wearing.

Match your main color.
A word of warning so we don't wander into Matchy-Matchy Land:  If you are going to choose this rout for your outfit be sure to either choose colors that are slightly off (like the orange top with the tomato red shoe above) or be sure the textures are different (like the textured lace top with the smooth patent pump).

Match your supporting color.
If matching your main color is too matchy-matchy for you, but you still wanna feel coordinated, maybe matching your supporting color is for you.  In the set above, the top's main color is pink, so we're going to choose the supporting cream color for our pump.

Match an accessory.
Again, we need to avoid matchy-matchy land, so if you're going to rock this look, maybe choose different shades of purple, or be sure to break up the monotony with other accessories.  Silver jewelry and a grey slouchy beanie would be great with this set.

Choose a contrasting color 
Choose a color that is opposite to the main color you are wearing.  This often gives you that "pop of color" because contrasting colors enhance each other.  Learn more about the color wheel here.

Choose a metallic or animal print.
When in doubt, rock your outfit with a metallic or animal print shoe.  Both can be dressed up or down depending on the type of shoe.  Metallics come in all colors, from silver to gold to copper to bronze and everything in between!  And of course leopard print is an annual favorite for most fashionistas, but for me snake print is where it's at.  It's subtle, it's sexy, and it goes with everything.  :)

Hope this has inspired you to try new combinations with your shoe wardrobe.  If you're like me your shoe closet has a lot of neutral colors.  Let's get out of that rut this fall, ladies!!  Post your photos below, or comment on the Facebook link!

<3, Mandy

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