Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Adjustments : Pant Styles

Hello, lovelies!

Sorry for being MIA for the last few months.  We've had some big changes here lately, and this mama has had to do some adjusting.  I do have a photo shoot being lined up for some new OOTD (outfit of the day) posts, but for now . . .

I've been pant shopping lately (least favorite shopping EVER), and with all the different styles out there, what do they all mean?  So I've been doing some research and figured if I've been wondering these things probably others have been too.  So here's the scoop.  (I won't be getting into which cut for which body type or which styles are "in."  That'll have to be for a different day.)


Skinny jeans / pants are fitted all the way down.  Waist, hip, thigh, knee, calf and ankle.


Cigarette pants are fitted through the waist, hip, thigh and calf, but then the same width from calf to ankle.  That means that the leg opening is slightly wider than in skinnies.


Straight leg pants are fitted through the waist, hip and thigh, but then the same width from thigh to ankle.  This is also known as a "trouser" cut.


Wide leg pants are fitted through waist and hip, but then the same width or WIDER from hip to ankle.


Bootcut pants are fitted to the knee and then are slightly wider at the ankle.  These jeans are perfect for 
wear (duh) over your boots.  :)


Flared pants (same thing as bellbottoms from what I've researched) are fitted to the knee and then are much wider at the ankle.  The leg opening is typically 21-27."  

Just a note here: be sure your all your pants (with the exception of skinnies and cigarettes) graze the floor.  Otherwise they look awkward.

There ya have it!  Now we all know the terminology.  New posts to come.  Thanks for reading!

<3, Mandy


  1. I like that you had photos to go along with the terminology on these, very helpful. I was wondering your thoughts on ankle jeans/pants? When they first came out I tried them on and felt awkward in them. They have grown on me, though, and I have a couple of pairs now. I do have to be careful when picking a top to go with them, so to get the proportions right.

  2. For me personally, I don't wear ankle pants because I'm not very tall (I'm 5' 5"), and ankle pants cut the legs off making them look shorter. So for me it isn't a very good look. I imagine though that if you have a long torso and are able to wear a higher rise pant or more cropped top, that will help to balance out the proportions.

    Hope that's helpful, and thanks for the feedback!

    <3, Mandy

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mandy! I found your blog through GCOGH, so you should be able to view the photo I'm linking by logging is the most recent look I did with ankle jeans:


  4. That outfit is SUPER cute! The jacket is SO flattering on you, and I love the pop of red in the shoes :)

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy!! I'm glad you like it :) I'm also really glad to have found your blog, I've been enjoying it!

    2. I'm so glad you found me too! I love your sweet and romantic style :)