Thursday, January 9, 2014

OOTD : Rushing Out

As promised, an outfit of the day!  This wasn't part of the photo shoot that is still in the works; it was more "I happened to be free and my BFF was able to take some quick shots."  :)

Since it was a whole 29* out today, here's a pic of my all time favorite faux leather jacket ever, ever, ever!  It fits oh so right, and is oh so comfy!  It's so soft you'd never know it wasn't real.  And the ever classic jeans tucked into brown riding boots.  (Hey, I said I was rushing out.  Think I had time to plan something creative?)

And this is my oh so fuzzy faux fur scarf.  It's wonderful to have the softness of a rabbit around your neck, without having a rabbit around your neck.  (They kick, ya know.)

Ok, and here's what's underneath.  Dove grey tunic top (also seen here), belted up with my "medieval shield" belt.

And my new snake print sequin top underneath the tunic.  It kinda shines like scales, I love it!!  What jewelry to wear when you're on the go?  Your go-to bangles (mine stretch for extra comfort) and fab statement earrings.  Although my hair covers them in these pictures.  Speaking of, I parted my hair IN THE MIDDLE today!  A look that I haven't tried since . . . ever.  I've got an unyielding cowlick, y'all, and have never been able to get to part in the middle.  But it cooperated today, and (ba-da-ba-ba-ba) I'm loving it!  Think it makes my face look slimmer.

That's it for today.  Looking forward to more outfits soon!  
<3, Mandy

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