Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fashions for Mom's of Little Ones

YAY!!  Finally a fashion blog post!!

Ok ladies, let's get real.  I'm a nursing mom.  I'm 5' 5" with a short torso and big boobs.  I have a baby boy who is 2 months old, and a baby girl who is 1 1/2.   Every woman has challenges when it comes to finding clothes that fit right.  And we can't blame the stores.  They have to sell what's going to fit most people.  So when a particular part of us doesn't fit the "most people" size, we gotta make do.  Therefore, you will notice that I have to alter a lot of my tops.  I'll do my best to let you know when that is so that if you want to purchase what I have, you'll know a little better if it'll fit you or not.  :)

Honestly, I spend most of my days in my PJs / sweats.  When you've got 2 under 2 (or pretty much any age of young kids), there's no point to getting dressed until you're ready to go out.  Why wash your clothes more than you need to right?  We already have enough laundry, thank you.  :)  But when I do get to dress up, you better believe I like to go all out!

So here is a picture of me at my jewelry lady training last night (sorry the pictures are blurry, forgot my camera so we had to use a phone cam) :

My girlfriends helped me to pose.  Yeah, I'm totally not a model, but that's ok!  It's the outfit that counts.  This pink crochet top is one of those that I had to alter.  I took it in at the hip and waist.  It was a really pretty drape cut, but I already have trouble with things looking too boxy, so I took it in a bit.

And the shoes?  I LOVE shoes!!  And who wouldn't love these?  Even just to look at!  They are, however, what I call my "sit down" shoes.  You know, the kind that one might wear to church, training, anywhere you'll be sitting.

The pink top and cami are from Maurices.  Jeans from Walmart.  (Hey, I'm a mom on a budget who didn't want to spend too much while her body's getting back into shape.)  Shoes from Charlotte Russe.  All my jewelry is Premier Designs.  :)  Jewelry Lady, remember?

What kinds of things do / did you moms like to wear while getting your body back into shape?

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