Friday, July 19, 2013

Easy Nursing : Keeping Cool

Good thing most of you are probably mommies too, so you know how crazy life is with kids.  And being sanguine, things slip my mind easily!  Three days of "Oh yeah, I should do that"?  Sigh, tell me you understand.

Anywho, here is the outfit of the day.  I'm at home all day today, but have had a few people over.  That's why I'm not wearing shoes, but look relatively cute anyway hahaha!

This jean skirt is SUPER stretchy which is perfect for all the chasing, bending, crawling, carrying, stretching, and every other "-ing" mommies have to do.

The top is a nursing top.  The neckline stretches down for easy nursing access.  The wrap is actually a scarf.  All I did was tie the corners together.

Like my little pony tail? Haha, it's too hot to have it down today.  The scarf is also a fabulous nursing tool.  Just hide baby's head under it.  You're outfit doesn't change, and you don't have to fiddle with a blanket over the shoulder or digging out the "Udder Cover."

The pearls are Premier Designs, of course.  90 inches of endless pearls?  Yes please!!  Gives room to triple it AND opera knot it.  LOVE!!

Top is a Motherhood Maternity brand nursing top that I got on ebay.  Find a similar one here.  Skirt is from  Scarf is from Maurices.  They no longer carry it, but check out their AWESOME selection!

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