Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy Revamps

OOTD:  (Ok, so these are actually from our jewelry training last Tuesday. :) )

Some of the bling-tastic fam.

Boot sistas!

A shot for the blog.

And of course gotta feature the boots!

Also wanted to share with you how just a little altering can really change up a clothing item.  So if something is just a *little* off, don't be afraid to get it and have it altered.  For example I got this chambray top at a thrift store for dirt cheap:

However, the white plastic buttons made it look pretty cheap.  So I just took them off and added pewter metal ones (which I got at a local store that sells buttons cheap):

Suddenly the top looks much classier, and all it took was new buttons!  Love it!

See ya Wednesday loves!

<3, Mandy

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