Wednesday, February 12, 2014

3 Tips for Dealing with Small Closets


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A lot of us don't have a ton of closet space.  And I feel ya, sistas!  My house is small and very old (100+ years?), and way back then they didn't use closets.  So here is how I've made use of my small space, and 3 TIPS I've learned through my experience:

TIP #1: Utilize What You've Got!

I LOVE my house, however it's made closet space challenging because it wasn't built with closets.  WHAT?!  I know!  They used free standing wardrobes instead.  Nowadays those are pretty hard to come by, and unfortunately I didn't have one.  But the good news is my hubby found a classy second hand entertainment center which now serves as my armoire.

Tah-Dah!  All we did was put a tension rod across the top (find them in the shower aisle).  ALL my clothes are hung up, because if I can't see it, I don't wear it, so I don't like folding clothes in drawers.  My PJ's and intimates are organized on the "floor" of the armoire under my hanging clothes.  (The bottom cabinet gets used for extra pillows & blankets, as well as my "someday" clothes that almost fit.)
You can read how my clothes are organized here.

All of my jackets and coats are kept downstairs in our laundry room closet so they aren't taking up precious space in my tiny closet.  My shoes and accessories are also kept in my laundry room in my "Getting Ready Corner." I know not all of you (especially those who are students) will have an extra room to put things.  That's ok.  The point here is to think outside the box.  Utilize what you DO have!  Hanging closet organizers are GREAT if you've got extra closet space, or utilize the space under your bed or the top of your dresser.  Try going UP.  Utilize all the space between the floor and ceiling.

TIP #2: Purge!

I know it's super hard to get rid of things sometimes, especially when we've formed emotional attachment to them, but when we've got limited space we just can't afford to keep everything.  Sure, we could rent a storage unit, but really we're never going to see that stuff anyway so what's the point?  Plus that's extra money coming out of our budget every month.  In the words of Stacey and Clinton, "Take a picture" and get rid it.

Also, be careful of duplicates.  Somehow I've ended up with 6 white completer pieces.  Gotta narrow it down.  Duplicates simply take up more space.

TIP #3: Be sure your wardrobe can be mixed and matched!

Can that top be worn with ALL the bottoms in your closet?  (Ok, at least 3 of them.)  Can that dress be worn with leggings and a completer piece?  When we have limited closet space it's REALLY important that ALL of our clothes can be used in multiple ways.  More Mix and Match tips coming next week!

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to work with your tiny space!  Share your tips, tricks, and ideas for tiny spaces and let us all know!

Until next time loves!

<3, Mandy

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